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If you have decided to sell or buy a property, our conveyancing partners will ensure that your Conveyancer is briefed on your specific requirements and is in a position to issue your contract swiftly – enabling a smoother, quicker sale*.

Get legally prepared & get moving

By using our Legally Prepared conveyancing service, your contract can be released to solicitors within just 24 hours. On average our clients spend 14 days less waiting to exchange with conveyancing already in place.*

1. Faster TRANSACTION times, MOVE in faster

2. Less TIME for your BUYER to look elsewhere

3. Expert SOLICITORS who specialise in conveyancing – ALWAYS AVAILABLE

4. LEGALLY PREPARED property details/window displays – ATTRACTING MOTIVATED BUYERS

5. Memberships benefits include MOVER PROTECTION

Benefits of using our Partners Service

We strongly advise when selling or buying a property you utilise our conveyancing partners Legally Prepared service as it consistently gives our clients and customers a unique advantage when buying or selling. Here you can discover some of the many advantages of using our conveyancers:

Enhanced Legal Procedures

Start the legal process sooner

Developed transaction progressing procedures

Specialist residential Conveyancer assigned

Extended business hours

Dedicated Conveyancing Team

Personal conveyancing experts assigned

Direct access to client liaison team

Legal teams managed at director level

Extended business hours

Identify a serious seller

Solicitors are already appointed

Save time once you find the perfect property

Start the legal process sooner

Identify the sellers’ commitment to a sale

Attract serious buyers

Solicitors are already appointed

Save time when the buyer is found

Start the legal process sooner

Attract keen buyers