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How we market your Property

Lets focus on marketing

With a blend of traditional techniques and the use of modern technologies we have all the tools available to market your home in the most effective way possible.

Below are the key marketing techniques we use to get your property noticed:

Sales Particulars

Quality Magazine Style Property Sales Particulars We meet with sellers daily and very often they pull out the original sales brochure from when they first bought the property. So don’t underestimate how important brochures are. That’s why ours are stylish, sleek and professionally printed – we think they look great! We want your input – The description of the house has to be engaging and unique.

You have the choice of two different types of descriptions:

1. Factual: We keep it simple, picking out all of the main selling points of the property and talking about what each room has to offer.

2. Emotive: We get creative and produce a lifestyle description. We chat through what made you buy your property and incorporate the reasoning into the description. In addition, all of our sales particulars will include: floorplan

Detailed Floorplans – which are a very effective way of illustrating the layout and measurements of your property. Photography Professional Photography – See below for more information. EPC Energy Performance Certificate – A legal requirement when marketing a property for sale, illustrating the energy efficiency of your property.

360 Ricoh Theta Tours

Our 360 degree virtual tours use advanced technology to enable prospective purchasers to virtually view your property before progressing to a physical viewing.

This ensures that a higher percentage of viewings have a serious interest as they have already virtually experienced the layout, flow and presentation of your home or investment. It also prevents uneccesary viewings in the Covid-19 era.

Luke’s walkabout property tours

Great property marketing is so important these days. You’re competing for buyer’s attention against lots of other properties on Rightmove, Zoopla and the other property portals. It’s therefore really important that you have superb photos, interesting descriptions and clear floorplans.

However here at MovingCircle we don’t think that’s always enough. Viewers want to experience your property in a more engaging and modern way. That’s why we developed our own Walkabout’ property video tours which are presented by our very own Luke Reeves and designed to showcase your property, selling it’s stand out features. It will be available to view on Rightmove & Zoopla as all of our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube).

You can watch an example below. Oh, and because they’re produced in-house, there’s no additional charge for this great additional service.

Web based marketing power

Web based marketing is a key tool in the marketing of your property and is well known in the local area as a destination for all of the latest new sales instructions. Not only does it look great, it has advanced functionality and has been fine tuned to ensure your property gets noticed by all of the right people.

What’s more, when you list your property with MovingCircle it will also be advertised on top property portals including Rightmove and Zoopla.


A professionally taken photo is worth a thousand flattering words.

Let’s face it, the first thing you do when you look at property advertisements is check out the photos. We can’t stress enough how important these – they alone can lead to a prospective buyer requesting an appointment to view. For that very reason our in-house professional photographer will photograph your property to ensure that we get the right angles and light balance to make your property look fantastic. Our photography is handled in-house to ensure that it meets our high standards and captures what we feel will show your property in its best possible light.

Even better, there is no additional charge made for this service – it is included within our ‘no-sale no-fee’ agreement. Why should you pay extra for photos, when property marketing is an Estate Agent’s job?!

Below are some examples of our property photography: